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Below is a collection of my drawings, paintings & prints from over the years. All of the pieces were done when I was in college except for the flag & guitar. I have mainly been working on my photography portfolio for the last 8 years but now I think I'm ready to draw & paint again.

We hope you enjoy the Real  photography of

Mezzotint Engraving-Freedom

Mezzotint Engraving-Dolphins

Oil Pastel

Title: Tongue Tied, Tongue in Cheek, Pulling Your Leg -a study of skin, muscle & bone.

Oil Pastel -Mt. Garfield

When finished the guitar will have a new wood fingerboard and other hardware.

Photo by David Speer

my story

This is a Mural  commissioned by Hamilton Sundstrand Industries in 2003.

They make parts for Aircraft and Astronauts & wanted a patriotic, local scene in their factory production area.

The mural is 10' from the floor, 10' high and 21' long. Painted in acrylic paints, each color had to be individually mixed on the floor 1st. I had to paint the mural from a 24' extension ladder, wearing a hardhat and safety goggles. 

Drawings & Prints

Aquatint Engraving-Going Home

Aquatint Engraving-Mt. Garfield

​​photographer portfolio

Mezzotint Engraving-Nude

Mezzotint Engraving

Hi, my name is Dave Lord.

Thank you for visiting Lord's Creations Photos.

 When I was a kid I loved to draw & paint.

I refused to trace pictures, I had to draw them freehand.

In college I decided to study art & got my B.A. in Fine Art.

​I also grew up around cameras with a lot of pictures always being taken of vacations, events & family gatherings.

Aquatint Engraving

Just as I refused to trace pictures when I drew as a kid, I refuse to Photoshop my photography today​.

ALL Lord's Creations Photos  images are "As Exposed" in the camera with

NO Photoshop or digital enhancement.

Several photos on the Scenery,  Nature, and Dogs & Cats pages were taken by mom (Mary Lord).

Mary Lord


Oil Pastel-Daydream

​Pencil Drawing​ 

My mom, Mary Lord (left) has enjoyed video and still Photography since her high school days and was my influence to start shooting.

When I was in high school, I got my 1st SLR Camera and learned to develop my own negatives and prints in the darkroom. It was just 10 years ago I put down that same film camera & started shooting with a Digital SLR Camera.  

Aquatint Engraving-No Regrets